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NimiRunat/Karelia Enpi/Liku
YhteyshenkilöJorma Korhonen
KuvausThe RUNAT project aims at developing and strengthening the expertise and know-how of rural and nature tourist companies. The main activities are market research as well as development of tourist products and marketing communication with the help of a training and development program.

The market research focuses on the needs, expectations and motivations of potential tourism customers in the regions of St. Petersburg and Moscow. Also the market potential in Central European target markets for rural holiday will be investigated.

The results of the market research will be utilized in training the companies to develop new products and improve the quality of their services. The training and development process also includes benchmarking, target oriented development process of companies, improvement of e-marketing skills as well as networking between tourism and service enterprises and authorities in the areas.
KehittämistarveRUNAT - Product development and development of market insight and e-marketing of rural and nature tourism

TuloksetExpected results:
- updated information and insight on the potential customers
- increased competitiveness of tourism companies
- improvement of the quality-level of the services
- new tourism products
- web-based marketing material
- networks in tourism and service sectors
KumppanitThe RUNAT project is co-funded by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland.

The Lead partner is the University of Eastern Finland.
The project partners are Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Karelian Institute of Tourism and Saint-Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics.

The associates are:
Karelia Expert Tourist Service Ltd
Kuopio Tourist Service Ltd
Governmental Institution "Tourist Information Center of the Republic of Karelia"
Governmental Educational Institution "Republic youth tourist centre"
Local Authorities of Pryazha national municipal region
Local Authorities of Olonecky national municipal region
Local Authorities of Medvejegorskiy national municipal region
RahoittajaKarelia ENPI CBC programme