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NimiTRADEIT: Traditional food: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology Transfer (FP7-KBBE.2013.2.3-02)
YhteyshenkilöAnna-Maria Saarela
KuvausThe objectives are:

(1) transfer knowledge and apply research results in traditional foods in SMEs;
(2) develop a strategic research and innovation agenda for traditional foods; and
(3) foster entrepreneurship.
KehittämistarveThe TRADEIT project is a multidisciplinary, multi-sectorial collaborative project supporting a Network of Traditional Food SMEs and Food Researchers in the areas of Collaboration, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Knowledge and Technology Transfer to increase the competitiveness and inter-regional advantage of Traditional Food Producing SMEs. This will be achieved through focused regional coordination and support activities and events facilitated by the establishment of 9 Regional Traditional Food Knowledge and Technology Transfer Hubs. Each Hub will host a TRADEIT stakeholder sub-network (defined by region, language and/or food group), the members of which will benefit from an suite of knowledge and technology offerings over the course of the project. Food researchers from across Europe will be provided with the opportunity to attend the TRADEIT Entrepreneurial Summer School in which an entrepreneurial skillset will be developed to facilitate future R&D&I Enterprise and Commercialisation activities. The regional focus of the project will be further developed in the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda which will promote regional R&D&I for pan European benefit. The TRADEIT project aligns with and contributes to the goals and objective of a number of EU Initiatives, strategies and policies including Europe 2020 the Innovation Union Flagship Initiative, Horizon 2020, Cohesion Policy in particular Smart Specialisation Innovating for Sustainable Growth: a Bio-economy for Europe and Food Law Regulation.
Toimenpiteet- To initiate and facilitate collaboration across and between the three levels of the network

- To capture and transfer the learning gained through collaborative interactions internally within the network and externally to other stakeholders

- To act as an Information and Activities Co-ordination Centre (IACC) for the project Development of Regional Traditional Food Knowledge and Technology Transfer Centers:

- To develop the training program, module choices, and delivery options.

- Knowledge transfer for sub-network local and regional groups of SMEs.

- To evaluate the effectiveness of the knowledge transfer and improvement in skills.

- To reconfigure the training program for a wider group of SMEs across the target sectors.

- To implement selected knowledge transfer activities involving a wide group of SMEs.

- To evaluate the effectiveness of the knowledge transfer and suitability for a large audience.

- To create a series of training guidance packs for the traditional food sector and a directory of training program and options.

- To develop a plan for the long term sustainability of the knowledge transfer program

In addition to the general tasks given the role of Savonia UAS is to transfer of knowledge to SMEs in the area of food product development. During the task given, we are use a user-oriented OIS-method (Open Innovation Space) in multi-professional networks and also actively learn in creative processes (doing-using-interacting). User-orientation means that it involves consumers' participation to innovation process directly (part of innovation team, experiments with consumers) or indirectly (consumer tests and observation of consumers).
TuloksetWP1 Objectives:
To establish the TRADE-IT Project, Network and Hubs
To manage and coordinate TRADEIT activities to ensure a common strategy of project goals and project objectives are met.
To deal with all administrative, financial and legal aspects in the project.
To facilitate communication between partners, the project and the Commission
To ensure that the project contractual deliverables are met in a timely and effective manner

WP 2 Objectives:
To establish 9 Regional Traditional Food Knowledge and Technology Transfer Hubs.
To Understand needs & barriers to successful technology transfer in regional traditional food clusters
To Profile relevant R&D projects and technologies at a regional, national and international level
To Deliver Small Business Technology Transfer programme to regional traditional food clusters
To evaluate the role and impact of Regional Traditional Food Knowledge & Technology Transfer Hubs and the Small Business Technology Transfer programme.

WP 3 Objectives:
To develop 9 Training Module choices.
To deliver train the trainer events
To implement regional knowledge transfer activities involving a wide group of SMEs
To deliver online training materials
To evaluate the effectiveness of the knowledge transfer activities

WP 4 Objectives:
To develop and deliver the Food Enterprise Training Programme
To develop and deliver the Research-Business Cooperation Training Programme
To host 3 TRADEIT Food Researchers Entrepreneurial Academies
To promote a culture of Innovation and Entrepreneurial in European Research Centres.
To evaluate the role and impact of Entrepreneurship led training programmes.

WP 5 Objectives:
To Establish effective collaboration across the TRADEIT Network
To monitor and evaluate collaboration within the network
To capture and disseminate of the learning gained in TRADEIT collaborative interactions.
To develop a strategy to facilitate TRADEIT Network sustainability beyond the lifetime of the project.

WP 6 Objectives:
To Survey Current Traditional Food Research and Innovation landscape.
To Survey Stakeholder perspective on Research and Innovation for Traditional Food
To Develop Regional Research and Innovation Frameworks
To Develop a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for the Traditional Food Sector

WP 7 Objective(s):
To develop the Project Website
To generate and distribute of Promotional and Information Material
To develop a Dissemination and Communication Plan
To Pilot an SME Food Innovation e- Journal
KumppanitConsortium and its' all 20 partners
SME in traditional food sector regionally, nationally and internationally
Food researchers and experts regionally, nationally and internationally
RahoittajaEU FP7 CSA