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NimiTrust ur datacenter data 2
YhteyshenkilöAki Happonen
KuvausData center operational data is confidential and business critical in nature.
Target is to develop secure, reliable and trusted sharing between strongly identified stakeholders is what is needed
and we see i4Trust as the answer. This solution will simplify data sharing, optimise operations and that in turn reduces cost and co2 emissions
KehittämistarvePrimary Challenge:
Contrasec needs the visibility and capabilities to monitor and control the operations of the data centre of Luolakallio to provide reliable services and monitor and control the operations of the data centre from their operations centre. Currently, these two data centres are not sharing the same data models.

Secondary Challenge:
Data centers offer different capacity, pricing and services for their customer. Some of this pricing is confidential. There is no unified way to broker data center services
RahoittajaHorizon 2020