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NimiDataspace Measured Energy Consumption in Non-Residential Buildings
YhteyshenkilöAki Happonen
KuvausBetter interoperability between different data domains.
KehittämistarveTo optimize the cost-effectiveness of CO2-reduction projects, non-residential building-owners need to share relevant data more easily but safely with their installation companies. Recent research (TNO, 2021) is showing that energy-labels are only limited correlating with energy consumption in practice.

Data about the building, the energy-label and the energy-consumption are available in multiple sources. Within these 3 data-domains, data-formats are standardized. However, sharing data within and across these data-domains is not yet standardized. Data-providers are using different protocols for processing data-sharing requests, using different identification, authentication and authorization processes. Also, data-providers offer multiple data-exchange formats. This lack of standardization and coordination, causes data-sharing to be relatively inefficient and prone to errors (for instance data being shared based on outdated or incorrect authorizations). Not only building owners and installation companies, but also data providers currently are spending unnecessarily too much time and costs.
KumppanitVereniging Facility Management Nederland, Techniek Nederland Association, Vereniging Bouwend Nederland, Stichting Dutch Green Building Council, Stichting Platform Duurzame Huisvesting, Savonia-amk
RahoittajaHorizon 2020