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NimiFuture of remote therapy
YhteyshenkilöMarja Äijö
KuvausThe main objective of the project is to develop and implement a joint, international e-learning course in remote-and tele rehabilitation in health care in order to:
- develop students' and working life professionals' skills and competences in remote-and tele rehabilitation,
- offer students the theoretical understanding and practical skills concerning the remote therapy process, also support learning in practice,
- develop innovative solutions for remote therapy and rehabilitation education internationally,
- support future cooperation aims between the partners in multidisciplinary rehabilitation.

The therapy process, forming the core contents of the e-learning course, includes:
1) evaluating and assessing the customer/patient remotely,
2) planning the therapy objectives together with the customer remotely,
3) planning and implementing the therapy sessions remotely,
4) evaluating the results remotely.
KehittämistarveVarious remote services in social and health care have been developed to enhance the health and wellbeing along the life span. The global issue of ageing, longer life expectancy and the demand for overall wellbeing call for innovative solutions world wide for populations to live qualitative and productive lives. Due to the results of COVID19, the university educators have noticed an urgent need among professionals and students to deepen their skills and competences in remote therapy. Future competences in remote therapy are required to offer better accessibility of health care services, especially for fragile client groups, such as the elderly and clients with physical limitations. Remote therapy also offers the opportunity to support clients’ health flexibly and affordably while enhancing clients’ personal knowledge and motivation to support their own health. Currently, Finland and Singapore are facing the same challenges: in both countries, novel digital methods and service models have been developed, however, their implementation in teaching and learning is still lacking. To combine the existing common interest, skills and knowledge, project aims to innovate a new strategic cooperation for remote therapy in health care. Project partners include: Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS: coordinator), JAMK University of Applied Sciences (JAMK), Savonia University of Applied Sciences (Savonia) and Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT). The consortium engages in joint e-learning course development and implementation in remote therapy to enhance the future of intelligent remote health and welfare education internationally.
TuloksetMaterial outcomes / outputs:
1) Developed and implemented e-learning course in remote therapy.
2) Developed e-learning course contents following the therapy process.
3) A Framework of competences developed for remote therapy.
4) Curricula materials developed to be further utilized by project partners / to be integrated to other fields or levels of education in social and health care to enhance competence development in remote therapy.
5) Remote therapy process published on-line in English and distributed to the working life partners in both countries.
6) Remote therapy process publication in professional magazine.
KumppanitTurku University of Applied Sciences
JAMK University of Applied Sciences
Singapore Institute of Technology
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