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NimiCo-creating Appraisals for Clinical Health Practice in Nursing Care
YhteyshenkilöMarja Gröhn-Rissanen
KuvausMain aim is to create novel Evidence-Baced practic (EBP)-collaboration in nursing education and practice in order to establish Joint EBP Academy in the future.
KehittämistarveGlobal health care challenges and increasing healthcare costs. Also the number of people with multiple chronic conditions is increasing and at the same time, health care resources are decreasing
-> challenge to provide services to the population in a fair and cost-effective way
-> Attention must be paid to the effectiveness and variability of treatment and care methods
Toimenpiteet*Data collection 1 for nurses and midwifes both EBP competences and iv-Cannulation practices will be evaluated via a questionnaire.
*Online training for pilot units nurses and midwiferies in KUH and in partner hospitals in China.
*Data-collection 2 after the intervention, the nurses both EBP competences and iv-Cannulation practices will be re-evaluated via the same questionnaire.
*Mobiity supporting EBP nursing
TuloksetTo create a systematic plan to evaluate the impact of implemented EBPs in Prevention of peripheral vascular catheter infections (i.v) using VIP-SCORE- model.
KumppanitSchool of Nursing, Fudan University
Kuopio University Hospital (KUH)
Children’s Hospital of Fudan University
Zhongshan Hospital Fudan University
Obstetrics & Gynecology Hospital Fudan University (OB&GY)

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