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NimiSO4Control - Scale-up of Solution for Mining Water Sulfate Control with Side-product Recovery
YhteyshenkilöMaarit Janhunen
KuvausThe process concept presented here offers an innovative and sustainable way of enhancing the overall feasibility of an industrial scale operation. The solution provided is modular meaning that it can be tailored depending on the need of each customer. The first module is enhanced leaching design and optimisation, which creates process solutions with a controlled amount of sulphate in the process waters and broader possibilities for additional side product recovery. The second piece is advanced membrane technologies, which enable cost effective concentration of metal sulphates in the discharged water to be used as such or via biological sulphate reduction. The third phase is the biological sulphate reduction tailored to be very energy efficient also in the cold conditions in Scandinavia. The concept entails also the recovery of sulphur as either a commercial side product or a recyclable process chemical. The last phase is the recovery of a valuable side product from the effluent from the biological process.
KehittämistarveSO4Control is a mine water management concept that combines environmental and economic advantages into a process concept for utilisation of internal process circulations. Concept enables significant reductions in concentrations of regulated compounds in the discharge as well as in the consumption of process chemicals. In addition, with enhanced raw material usage, substantial new income can be generated with recovery of additional side products.
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