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NimiFuture DiverCities
YhteyshenkilöMiika Kajanus
KuvausThrough a collaborative process of skill sharing, learning from the experiences of others, citizen engagement and artist, audience & community development, we will join forces to:

- create a new platform for the sharing of emerging, innovative and collaborative art across Europe
- create a cohort of artists able to develop and engage a wide range of new and diverse audiences across the world
- create new ways for art to engage with and stimulate communities. This will have the power to affect positive social changes throughout Europe
Future DiverCities is an initiative of 10 partners in Europe and Canada, all key players in the field of citymaking and new artistic forms, to explore the power of creative innovation in challenging urban spaces. Using intercultural collaboration in a socio-cultural and digital context, Future DiverCities is looking to take further the vision of art in cities and harness the spirit and thinking of the City 3.0, a vision of cities in our digital era “harnessing the collective imagination and intelligence of citizens in making, shaping and co-creating their city.

Future DiverCities explores new ways of collaboration and co-creation by using innovative co-design methodologies in artistic processes, incubating artwork that shuffles urban geographies, or explores new participative digital tools to creatively experience the city.

Future DiverCities is a holistic programme looking at the ever-changing role of art and creative work in the urban context. The programme includes a wide range of activities, community labs, citizens workshops and artistic interventions, to explore and show how artists and creatives can propose innovative ways to build our future cities and how this responds to the current thinking and needs around urban transformation.
Future DiverCities sees creative innovation as a tool to enable citizens to see things in a different way, supporting the development of stronger communities and contributing to the concepts of happy and resilient cities.
ToimenpiteetAll activities within the Future DiverCities work plan have been identified and agreed upon through a collaborative process by the project partners. We have worked to create a coherent programme of labs, events, festivals and conferences that are all designed, in one way or another, to have an impact on the achievement of our shared objectives and common purpose. Each event will contribute to one or more of our aims to create a collaborative platform for sharing art, develop new economic models, develop artists and audiences and create an alternative ecosystem for a sustainable creative economy.
TuloksetThis network will act as an incubator for cultural innovation and new practices in creativity by stimulating risk taking through the development of challenging artworks in challenging circumstances. Collectively we will:

- strengthen connections between citizens, communities and creativity
- create a vision for the future of art which engages communities not only as consumers but as creators
- empower and enable citizens to shape and build stronger communities through participatory artistic, creative processes
- build and develop new audiences across the world
- create an ecosystem for a sustainable creative economy

RahoittajaEU Creative Europe Programme